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6980 East 300 South, Greenfield, Indiana

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About Westland Friends Church
It simple . . . It's a family . . .

We are not a big church, full of members and flash.  We are a small group of people, who believe in the Lord and work to serve Him with the resources we have.  We help one another like family.  We are constantly amazed at the blessings the Lord has provided!  We invite you to be a part of our church family. You will be warmly and welcomely received!    

Interested in learning more?

When a group of Indiana settlers decided it was too far to travel by horse and wagon to Walnut Ridge Friends Church a few miles away, they started a new church, Westland Friends, in 1840.  Originally the church was a log cabin, but the cabin was later replaced by a simple structure which is part of the main sanctuary today.

The "real" church, however,is not the building, it is the people and for the past 171 years, the church members of Westland Friends have strived to do God's work in the ever changing community. 


Westland Friends is affiliated with the "Society of Friends," more commonly known as "Quakers."

So...What are Quakers?  Don't they make oatmeal?  Actually, the maker of Quaker Oatmeal named it "Quaker" because it was a name associated with honesty and purity. 

Quakers have always been known for their kindness, simplicity, and quiet faith. Rather than just talk about it, Quakers believe it is best to live your life in a way that sets a good example for others.  Don't just tell others about your faith, but live it everyday and show acts of kindness. Did you know that Quakers were major players to help slaves become free in the underground railroad?  Did you know that there is provision in the Indiana Constitution about taking oaths written just for Quakers? (This is because Quakers believe you tell the truth all the time, not just when you have vowed to under oath.)    

The Quaker faith promotes these types of values.  

What to Expect

Years ago, Quakers held "meetings" in silent prayer.  Today, our church service is very similar to most other protestant churches.  

Our Sunday service starts at 10:30 a.m.  You walk in the front door and up the steps to the sanctuary where there will be a greeter to hand you a church bulletin.  We start with announcements, a welcoming hymn and prayer. We then enter into a time of worship where anyone is welcome to speak out and ask for special prayers for those in need or to inform others of special praises and blessings.  We have the offering, a lesson for children, followed by the pastor's message and closing hymn. (Small children go downstairs during the pastor's message for Sunday School). 

​We also have a lot of fun activities planned throughout the year where we enjoy the fellowship of our church family members.