Westland Friends Church
6980 East 300 South, Greenfield, IN 46140

Mailing Address:  2982 South 700 East, Greenfield, IN 46140

Church Direct Phone:

​PASTOR:  Phil Abram

This is the original structure of the church, which was built in 1866. It is still the main meeting room of the church.  At this time, there was no basement, and the outhouses are still out back.  Photo dated July 11, 1917.
This photo dates to 1959 and shows the basement under the church which was accessed by an outside entrance. 
On Easter Sunday, it is a tradition at Westland to launch helium balloons that are tied with a note about the Rising of our Savior.  If the balloon is found, we ask the person to contact us.  Some of our balloons have made it to far away states!